The Recipe for the Perfect Valentine’s Day in Chicago: Hotel + Restaurant + Entertainment

The Windy City is an incredibly romantic place to take someone special to for Valentine’s Day. A stay at a plush Chicago hotel, a meal at a fabulous restaurant, and an evening out on the town make for the perfect recipe for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration. Below are some of the things gentlemen should look into when planning a romantic getaway to the Windy City:

Accommodations. Valentine’s Day is all about pampering that special someone. The first step should be finding a Chicago hotel that offers deluxe accommodations – that means exquisite furnishings and glorious views of the City skyline, or maybe the Chicago River or Lake Michigan. It would be a plus if the hotel also has amenities for couples to enjoy together, such as a spa or swimming pool.

More than just providing plush accommodations and amenities, the hotel should also be located in a prime spot in Chicago. Those in the downtown area grant guests easy access to the best restaurants and entertainment spots in the city. After spending a night on the town, couples can enjoy a romantic moonlit walk back to the hotel. Reservations should be made weeks in advance to beat the holiday rush.

Restaurant. Chicago is known for its sumptuous cuisine that is sure to tickle the taste buds. There’s something for everyone in the city. Whether couples are looking for a hip, modern dining experience such as the kind offered at CafĂ© Absinthe in North Avenue, or a fancy French restaurant with a spectacular view of the Loop, such as Everest above the Chicago Stock Exchange, Chicago will not disappoint. For added convenience, couples can dine at a restaurant in their chosen Chicago hotel.

As with the hotel, it’s best to make reservations weeks in advance to be assured of a table at a good time. Valentine’s Day is sure to bring in a large number of diners, so gentlemen should select a restaurant he and his special someone will both enjoy at the soonest time possible.

Entertainment. Chicago is an entertainment hub for a variety of aficionados. Gentlemen can surprise their girlfriends or wives with tickets to a show at one of the many Chicago theater companies, such as the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, the Goodman Theatre, or the Victory Gardens Theater. Music lovers can also enjoy performances by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, or by local artists in one of the city’s jazz and blues clubs.

With the right Chicago hotel, restaurant, and entertainment, couples can fall in love all over again.