The Best Hotels in Netanya

Netanya Hotels

Netanya tourism has flourished in last few years due to the availability of suitable accommodation. Hotel in Netanya offers warm and comfortable stay to its guest and most of them meet the international standard. Netanya hotels are mostly well located and have the added advantage of a sprawling coastline and white sand beach. A hotel in Israel tends to cater to three things, visual delight, relaxation and great cuisines. Whether a luxury suite hotel or a budget hotel these three things are sure to be looked after.

Among the best hotels in Netanya one can proudly mention the Island suite hotel and the Seasons Hotel. The Island suite is an all suite hotel while the Seasons is a boutique hotel with a difference. The Seasons hotel has all the desired amenities of a tourist, relaxation, comfortable stay, excellent service, delicacies and activities.

Premier hotels of Israel

One of the premier hotels in Israel is Noosa’s Beachfront Resort which has the rare combination of scenic beauty and easy access to the hotspots of Netanya. The highly stylish Starlight Suite of this resort is another attraction for the pleasure loving tourists

The Mizpe Yam Hotel caters primarily to the business class. They have convention centers where seminars and conferences are held. Due to its city centric location it is well connected by public transport. Apart from other cuisines the hotel has a dairy restaurant which offers specialized light diary meals.

Hilton Tel Aviv

Hilton Tel Aviv is one of the best hotels in Israel which can accommodate 1500 guests in its business centre, Executive lounge and Business lounge. It has exotic views and excellent cocktails served with precision. One can de-stress in the spa or on the beautiful deck side of the outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sea. The Dan Tel Aviv is similar to the Hilton and has exclusive business lounges and multiple restaurants apart from other facilities of a five star hotel.

Resorts in Netanya

If one is looking for relaxation only then there are number of resorts which specializes in spa treatments and comforts. The Shizen Spa is one such beach resort offering wide range of massages to its guests. The best hotels also include the suite hotels in Israel which are designed for comfort. Among these suite hotels are the Blue Weiss hotel and the Island Suite hotel. These hotels offer a panoramic view of the sea. The Blue Weiss hotel has forty nine luxury suites which can comfortably accommodate four to five guests per room.

Hotel David Intercontinental, situated16 miles from Ben Gurion Airport and close to the unique archaeological sites, owns the most renowned spa and multiple restaurants all under one roof. It is one of the best hotels in Israel. Once you know about the hotel in Netanya and other cities across Israel it becomes easy for you to plan your vacation or tour.

While booking your reservation in a Hotel in Netanya you can be sure of great packaged stay. Apart from the regular inflow of tourists the hotel in Netanya also thrives on business conventions held throughout the year. You will always find a hotel in Netanya that is designed to facilitate huge gatherings. It also offers complimentary services during such conferences and meetings.