The 4 Best Hotels in Cayo Coco

Coco Cay has become one of the Cuban tourist resorts of most preponderance to tour operators in recent years, when it comes to selling a Cuban product to potential vacationers in the Caribbean. There is however, always the issue of where to stay when picking the ideal spot for your relaxation. We will try to provide some good leads so that you may avoid encountering any problems. We put forward our conclusions based on our own experiences as guests, as well as those reviewed in the prestigious opinion site Trip advisor. Without further delay, here go our recommendations:

Hotel Melia Cayo Coco

This hotel gets top spot on Trip Advisor as far as most favorable reception by travelers is concerned, and we too have been able to attest to this hotel’s merits of late. The Melia Cayo Coco is a truly gorgeous 4-stars establishment architectonically speaking. The hotel melds well with the characteristics of the landscape of its location and derives benefit from having a great deal of rooms overlook the scenery of a natural lagoon offering the visitor a sensation of bliss. As far as the quality of the rooms in this Melia is concerned, we must state that they are indeed absolutely amazing: big, spacious, very well equipped and clean, they furthermore feature large picture windows that let in the most stunning views. The fact that the hotel does not accept children among its guests does make your stay very serene and pleasant. It possesses a beach strip of very fine sand, with the water level at a very gentle gradient making it easy for bathers to wade in for a swim. There is though, another possibility on offer at the facility, one can book excursions to the famous Pilar beach, for just 5 USD per person with roundtrip guaranteed, one can visit this marvelous beach located in the neighboring Cayo Guillermo. The hotel restaurants are also very good: Starting with the buffet, of the self-service variety, and then to the thematic varieties according to the type of food on offer. An extra good word for the Ranchón, located beachside, and for the romantic dinners held in the “gazebos” over the swimming pool. The hotel Melia Cayo Coco has apart from an enormous swimming pool for those who prefer a plunge in the pool to a sea bath, other recreational options like tennis courts, pools, game rooms and the aquatic sports available at the beach. To all the virtues of the facility one might add, as per the opinions voiced by the guests, the human quality of its staff seeing how they all seem devoted to providing the traveler joy at all times.

Hotel Tryp Cayo Coco

This hotel complex has a well-earned second place in our ranking due to the quality of the services rendered. If your chief intent is to enjoy the sun and sea, know that this Tryp hotel possesses a beach strip classed among the best of the cay and one that is very well-kept by the maintenance staff. A beautiful hotel, where the prevalence of the green splendor of its vegetation in the décor has a very positive impact on the visitor. The Cayo Coco stands out for the amplitude of all its facilities, making it matter little if the hotel is at full capacity, nothing ever really disturbs the tranquility of the guests during their rest. It features large and spacious restaurants both a la carte and buffet, where one can taste a wide variety of plates carefully prepared by diversely specialized chefs who lend their services to the Tryp Cayo Coco by bringing their culinary art to the table. Bear in mind that in order to access the thematic restaurants you must reserve in advance. The hotel’s setting is wonderful; by night one gets the delicious pleasure of enjoying the sound of the sea coming from all sides. Another very welcome feature is the amount of places spread out all over the facility where a visitor can have an alcohol-based drink; there’s always a bar open somewhere in the hotel ready to please with a broad and rich array of cocktails. The attention provided by the staff employed at the Tryp is another value-added to the product, starting with the Manager, who can be seen since early in the morning roaming all the areas to attentively resolve any issues the travelers may experience, to even the most humble of gardeners who will always find a way to make the tourist’s stay at the hotel more memorable. There is one thing we do find fault with as far as the existing comforts go: the distance between the facility’s entrance and the rooms is quite considerable, so that’s a long way to go hauling one’s travel suitcases. This is something to be considered in the future in order to further raise the Cayo Coco’s standing. Nevertheless, the hotel works its magic and shortly after your visit begins you forget all about the inconvenience undergone upon arrival. This is a 4-star hotel that outranks many 5-star establishments, be that in terms of the attention provided by the staff or the service in general.

Hotel Sol Cayo Coco

This is a 4-star category hotel complex that operates as an all-inclusive. It possesses a beach strip that is pretty much the envy of the cays, a scenery beyond compare with the cabins completely integrated into the natural environment and a stream that flows into the very sea: it is entirely worth your while to take a dip in its waters and revel in the relaxation conveyed by the setting. The Sol Cayo Coco is one of the more recent hotels to be built in this tourism center, meaning that all its facilities are in a magnificent state of conservation. The hotel is very fine looking, ample in all its spaces and with gardens offering spectacular views to the visitor. Its rooms are large, comfortable and their cleaning is obviously never neglected, since they always seem impeccable. The pools are spacious and very pleasing in regards to their curious designs. One must note the remarkable work of the recreation department who always do a splendid job of getting the travelers involved in the entertainment activities. In the night you can amuse yourself by enjoying the fabulous cabaret shows or the music for all tastes played at the Hotel Sol Cayo Coco discotheque. Also on offer at the hotel, are other recreational options beyond its premises by way of excursions, whether it is the colonial village of Trinidad, or the city of Santa Clara or the splendid dolphinarium present at the tourist center of Coco Cay where one can delight in what is beyond doubt the best cetacean spectacle in all of Cuba.

Hotel Emperador Laguna Villas & Resort

This is a 4-star category resort but one of many luxuries. As with the rest of the hotels in the keys, the Emperador is a beach hotel, but it so happens that its corresponding segment can be catalogued as out of this world for the remarkable blue hues of the sea and the limpidity of its water. The complex provides an excellent service to the client from arrival to departure, it is situated a mere 10 minutes away from the airport so after an exhausting trip there’ll be no need for the visitor to put off the much longed-for hours of rest. Upon arrival to the Emperador Laguna, one is received in the spectacular lobby of the resort, where one can start sampling a wide array of cocktails and beverages without delay in its large and very well stocked lobby bar. The hotel is very striking in its architectural design especially considering its excellent restaurants, which are for the most part enclaved over an interior lagoon that exists in the hotel thus making the traveler’s mealtimes much more pleasant. Then again, no matter how pleasant and paradisiacal having a meal over a lagoon may be, what really counts when it comes to restaurants is the quality of the food and here once again the Hotel Emperador Laguna ensures excellence, whether a la carte or in the buffet one can find all sorts of food for all sorts of tastes. The rooms are clean and very fresh to the point where you could easily forego their air conditioning service. If you are not fond of sea bathing the hotel has also at your service several swimming pools differentiated by their features for adults or for children. The hotel’s nighttime entertainment is another highlight of this resort, it offers spectacles of very fine quality where one can enjoy excellent music and appreciate the very particular style Cubans have while dancing. And if working out is on your list of everyday needs, you won’t need to interrupt your training cycle as you vacation at the Emperador Laguna, it has a great, well equipped gym awaiting to help you keep your body in top shape.

And that’s a wrap for our considerations about the best 4 cuba hotels in Cayo Coco. Hope it helps and you´ve enjoyed it!

3 Best Hotels in Madurai for Comfortable Accommodation

Madurai is one of the famous cities and pilgrimage centers in Tamil Nadu. Find out more about Madurai and also check out 3 of the top rated hotels in Madurai.

Madurai is situated on the banks of the River Vaigai and is the third largest city of Tamil Nadu. The city is synonymous with its famous Meenakshi Amman Temple that is dedicated to the Goddess Meenakshi who is a form of Parvati the consort of Lord Shiva. The temple is one of the main symbols of the Tamil Culture and has found mention in many ancient texts. The temple is situated in the heart of the city and is the landmark of the city. The huge temple complex with its mighty Gopurams, halls and shrines should be explored at leisure. You should spend a day here and also take some of the holy Prasad. You can easily find many quality Madurai hotels that offer all major amenities. Below are some of the best hotels in Madurai that you can check out.

3 Top Rated Hotels in Madurai

3 Star Hotel – Park Plaza is one of the finest 3 star hotels in Madurai and is located close to the main temple. One of the top rated hotels in Madurai it enjoys a customer recommendation of 89% which means 9 out of 10 people would love to visit again. It has also received a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 from its customers who have also praised its location and services. The rooms have an attached bath, cable TV and other such necessary amenities. It also offers a fine multi cuisine restaurant and a travel desk. The room rates start from Rs.2300.

Budget Hotel – Hotel Chentoor is one of the top rated hotels in Madurai that is situated near the temple. One of the popular Madurai hotels, it enjoys a customer recommendation of nearly 80% which implies 8 out of 10 previous guests would love to visit this hotel again. It has also received a star rating of 4 out of 5 which effectively cements it as one of the finest hotels in Madurai. It offers rooms that are equipped with all major amenities like attached bath, cable TV, 24 hr room service, etc. It also provides a travel desk and a fine restaurant. The rooms are considered to be good value for money and rates start from Rs.1500.

Budget Hotel – Hotel Empee is another of the top rated hotels in Madurai that is located close to the main temple. A popular budget hotel, it enjoys 82% customer recommendation which means 9 out of 10 former guests would love to visit this hotel again. The hotel has also garnered a number of positive reviews from guests who have praised its location and facilities. It also offers a restaurant and parking facilities. The rooms cost Rs.800.

The Best Hotels in the West Midlands

The west midland is an area in western central England. Its population is approximately 2,591,300. West midland was established in 1974. There are numerous sports teams in west midland. The advantage in west midland is the regional development agency. Its role is to lead the west midland towards greater economic affluence by developing a regional economic strategy for the west midlands.

In any residential area, restaurants, hotels or inns are the necessity of people. Some places are known on the basis of hotels because they are so famous that people are eager to visit them due to luxurious hotels.

Hotels are selected on the basis of requirement of the person who wants to avail the amenities of that particular hotel, because there is a difference in the hotels on the basis of facilities they provide to people. Hotels are mainly categorized as holiday hotels, five star hotel, conference and business hotels and hotels with special offers.

On the basis of facilities they offer, hotels are categorized as hotels with swimming pools, spa hotels and health and beauty restaurants. There are some wedding hotels, which are categorized as honeymoon hotels, family friendly restaurants and luxury hotels etc.

Country house restaurants include inns and small motels, farmhouse restaurants, bed and breakfast hotel and village hotels. The best restaurant for a person is that the one which fulfills his/her requirements, because the person will select and like only the one that has those facilities which are suitable to his/her demands.

There are many restaurants in west midlands which are very famous due to abundance of facilities that they offer. These include Hartfield Guest House, Wychnor Park Country Club, Victoria Lodge, Moat House, Arden Way Guesthouse, Swan Classic, Pebble Cottage, Ashtree Farmhouse Bed And Breakfast Accommodation, Brandon Lodge, Holme Lacy House, Loweridge Guest House, City Nites, The Stratford, Brockencote Hall, Brockencote Hall, Church Farm Guest House, Fishmore Hall, Foundry Masters House, Hampton Lodge, Postbox By Bridgestreet, Black Firs, Avonpark House and Springfield House etc.

Comfort Inn, located in Birmingham, is the best option for those who are always on travel due to the nature of their business. “Days Inn Corley” restaurant is famous for offering delicious food items, drinks and coffee. Britannia restaurant is a traditional motels, situated close to different stores and shopping centres. Corus restaurant Solihull is located in the heart of England and provides many facilities including indoor pool and gym etc.

Menzies Baron Court is located in the north of Birmingham. It is a very suitable place for visiting many attractions in that area and is thought to be the best hotel for all type of occasion or events. Norfolk hotel demands reasonable prices, offers free parking, has beautiful gardens and many leisure facilities. The plough and harrow hotel is a traditional red bricked Victorian hotel, which also offers very delicious combination of food. The Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel is very attractive for the visitors because it is located adjacent to a lake, so it presents a very charming view.